The Pups of Copenhagen (Part 2)

I may or may not have a problem with dogs. Kind of like when a dog sees a squirrel and it totally zeros in on its target, every time I see a dog my brain goes completely blank and all I can see is cuteness and fluff and paws and eyes of love. Which brings me here, to my second blog post about the wonderful furry four-legged friends of Copenhagen. I actually went through a lot to get these pictures— I crossed the danish social barrier and talked to strangers, asking them if I could take pictures of their dog. Even though they looked at me with such confusion and discomfort, I persevered so that we could all benefit from the sweetness of their pups. Check it out below!

I caught this dog on my commute into the city. We didn’t have enough time to talk, but somehow no explanation seems fitting for this pup. Who is he? Where did he come from? What is his story and why does his tongue do that?

This is Theo, an eight week old Beagle who proudly calls Copenhagen home. He was moving so fast it was tough to capture, but we made do! If you’re interested in more Theo content, check him out on instagram @theothebeaglecph

“This is Buster, he is nine months old. He comes to work with me at the hairdresser so he is a salon dog!”

I found this pup outside of a cafe on a sidestreet during Copenhagen fashion week, patiently waiting for his owner to come out. He had the most beautiful coat, I’m sure he could’ve snuck into any fashion show he wanted!

This is Goia, a friendly pug helping her human make art on a Thursday afternoon!

Thats all for now! Check back in a few weeks for another update on the pups of Copenhagen 🙂

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